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Hi, My name is Ian Wills

I'm a Pilottechtographer.

Aviation, Technology, Photography.

I've been fortunate through my years thus far to have been exposed to a considerable diversity of people, places, and ideas. I initially spent my youth in a remote community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, came of age in the Fraser Valley, and now spend my adulthood travelling around Canada as a helicopter pilot and aviation management professional.

My photography is presently focused on editorial aviation imagery; mostly as a result of my exposure to the industry through my pilot duties.  I have a passion for night landscape imagery, and a keen interest in astrophotography.  I do consider myself a generalist, however, having exposure to general portraiture and a desire to explore fine art imagery.

I decided to create this site as a clearinghouse for my artistic and editorial photography, and as a jumping point for my freelance technology education services.  Previously, I operated the independent consulting firm "IWC Computer Solutions" from 1999 to 2012, offering various tech-centric services from in-home training to corporate systems design and implementation.

Going forward, my technology focus will be centered around personal education and consulting services, with solutions-oriented training services and computer support.  While I'm not in the hardware or software resale business, I will assist you in finding the best product to meet your needs, without a commission bias.  I consider myself brand-agnostic, having maintained working knowledge of many brands and platforms throughout the years.